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Swimming pools are a source of fun, relaxation and exercise and provide a tranquil environment.

Everybody loves a swimming pool, whether it be for a swim, or just to relax around in the evenings with friends. However, without regular cleaning swimming pools can become a health hazard, particularly to children, who are the most vulnerable, and incidents have increased over the past decade. This means that all pools need to be filtered and disinfected. Swimming pools particularly in hot Mediterranean areas can harvest different types of bacteria, mosquitos Pool maintenanceand other potentially harmful micro organisms. Poor maintenance of pools can lead to claims being made against the owners by their clients. Remember your clients are paying for a properly maintained pool. We will give you peace of mind by regularly checking Ph and chlorine levels and the cleanliness, leaving you with a crystal clear and sparkling pool, and most of all a hygienic and safe place for people to enjoy. We will ensure your pool is ready when you want it.Le Moulin de la Mer

We will undertake to backwash filters, check the flow, test the chlorine and Ph, vacuum the pool floor and walls, and surface skim to remove insects and leaves, empty skimmer baskets and check all poolside fixtures and fittings.

We can provide weekly or monthly visits and these quotations can be made on an individual basis.
We can set up and close down your pool and drain the pipes (you can even get frost in the Languedoc).
Our pool maintenance team will usually be in and out within an hour, causing the minimum inconvenience to either yourselves or your guests. An annual pool cleaning contract can cover all of the above and more. All pools are individually priced on a yearly basis and include all chemicals.

When your pool is clean, it not only looks good but it is also healthy for you, your family, friends and guests.

Let us take care of your pool so that you can just sit back and enjoy it.


Swimming Pool Laws - "Raffarin Law"

On 19 December 2002 the French Parliament passed the “Raffarin Law” with the objective of preventing people (especially children) from drowning in privately owned in ground swimming pools and obliging pool owners to install a standardised security system (“dispositif de sécurité normalisé”) for their swimming pool. Open-air private pools for individual or collective use, which are buried or partially buried, fall under the new law. It also applies to spas and hot-tubs. The regulations apply to all swimming pool installations and for all rental properties.

All in ground swimming pools must comply NOW

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