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 Holiday Villa Services for all your Property Management, Rentals & Sales needs


Let our local knowledge help you spend your limited house hunting time efficiently and productively. Living and working in the area we know all the new developments and local towns and villages. We do not act as agents and do not work for commission; therefore our advice is truthful and unbiased.
We can meet you at the airport, transfer your to your hotel or gite, take you out for the day returning you to your hotel or back to the airport - all in air conditioned comfort. We can even help you plan your itinerary to make the best use of your time.

Having moved to the area we know all the pitfalls in moving to a new home and country, and are happy to advise and relate our experiences.

We can offer a translation service (see menu item) for complicated legal documents.


Holiday Villa Services

Let us be your eyes, ears and a pair of hands in the Languedoc!

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