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 Holiday Villa Services for all your Property Management, Rentals & Sales needs


Do you have the time to source and purchase, and the space to store everything you will need for your holiday home back in the U.K.

Do you want to spend all your hard-earned holidays sourcing, purchasing and waiting for deliveries in France?  If the answer to these questions is NO, then let us help you.Interior Design

You can find local companies who, once your choices have been made will arrive and within a few hours have furnished your home.  However, these companies are very expensive and there is no individuality about their furniture. If you walked into around 30% of the homes on new developments, each one would look the same.
We don’t even need to meet you (although it would be beneficial)!  We can talk / email and you can provide photographs / off plan drawings of your holiday home. Materials, fabrics colours and budget can all be worked out very quickly, and we can email photographs of possible items to purchase to you at every step of the way if you wish.

Individual tailor-made quotations available on request.



Whether you are looking for assistance in sourcing one item, or having someone furnish your home from the beds down to the last teaspoon – we can help you.


Holiday Villa Services

Let us be your eyes, ears and a pair of hands in the Languedoc!

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